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Every entry requires a reference!
The PIANOVERSALRegister strives for an objective traceability of content. Each composer entry requires at least one reference. Each reference needs the date of sighting (web) or the date and place of release (print).

PIANOVERSALRegister lists compositions that meet at least one of the following criteria:

I. Published compositions (music scores, edition catalogues, library collections)
II. Compositions having been listed in public catalogues (print or web)
III. Compositions having been performed in concerts (concert programs)
IV. Compositions having been published as recordings (CDs, LPs, radio, digital media)
V. Compositions having been listed in lexica, on web platforms, on composer’s websites and in academic or journalistic articles (print or web).
VI. Compositions from catalogues made available to PIANOVERSAL by composers, performers or their representatives.

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