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Publishing rules

PIANOVERSAL continues to expand its unique piano music database. We want the PIANOVERSALRegister to be as correct, as complete and as clear as possible.

We would ask you to pay attention to the following publishing rules.

The basic PIANOVERSALRegister languages are German and English.
Entries in French, Italian and Spanish are welcome without further necessity for translation.

Composition titles are added in their original language. German, English, French, Italian or Spanish translation in square brackets [...] is welcome.

Tri valčíky pre klavír [Drei Walzer für Klavier] ✓
Tri valčíky pre klavír [Three Waltzes for piano] ✓
Tri valčíky pre klavír [Trois Valses pour piano] ✓
Tri valčíky pre klavír [Tres Valses para piano] ✓

Please use a German, English, French, Italian or Spanish title if the original title is unknown.

Internationally understandable terms, e.g. "Sonata", "Suite", "Rondo", "Nocturne", „Prelude“, "Concerto", "Duo" etc. do not require translation.

All additional information on the works should be added in German, English, French, Italian, or Spanish.

Composer names appear alphabetically in English and/or German. International Name variations can also be added.

Name: Martinů
Name variations: Мартину, Μαρτίνου, Марціну, Martinu, Мартіну

Name: Strawinsky
Name variations: Stravinsky, Stravinskij, Stravinskis, Stravinski, Stravînskî, Stravinskíj, Стравинский, Стравінський, Стравински, Стравинскай, Στραβίνσκι, Strawinski

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