*6.10.1959, Bern

The composer, pianist and improviser Esther Flückiger often expands her piano works with electronics, preparations or additional instruments, in recent years for example with the Hang, a percussion instrument, which she masters perfectly.

Each composition of Flückiger reveals its own imaginative and energetic cosmos and beauty.

Listen to Esther Flückiger's music, enjoy the PIANOVERSAL listening tips!

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b. 21 June 1899 in Brno -  d. 18 october 1944 in Auschwitz-Birkenau

Unfortunately the "Variations for piano and orchestra" composed by Pavel Haas in Theresienstadt in 1944 are lost. Only his piano suite Op.13 and a few smaller piano pieces, songs and some chamber music sompositions are preserved. Two beautiful song cycles are particularly noteworthy: the "7 folk songs" and the late cycle "4 songs based on Chinese poetry". Very popular and often performed is his “Suite for oboe and piano” (1939).


Discover Pavel Haas' compositions and enjoy the PIANOVERSAL listening tips!

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* 28 May 1947 Baku

"Every time music helped me and took away the problems of life....every time when I compose music I feel so much stronger, more creative."

„My message to the young people: Music is the best what God gave us in our life. If you play music, if you compose music, you are a really lucky person in life!“
Franghis Ali-Zadeh

Among compositions for many different instruments, including folk music instruments from Azerbeidjan, Franghis Ali-Zadeh also has written music for piano and for prepared piano, songs, piano chamber music and two piano concertos (if we include the "IMPROMPTU-CROSSINGS" for prepared piano, five azerbaidzhani folk instruments and chamber orchestra to this genre).

Enjoy the following PIANOVERSAL listenig tips and discover some of Ali-Zadeh's works with piano!

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15 September 1890 Genève - 21 November 1974 Naarden

“Quand je joue le ‘Polyptyque’ de Frank Martin, je ressens la même responsabilité, la même exaltation qu’en jouant la Chaconne de Bach”.
 - "When I play Frank Martin's 'Polyptyque', I feel the same responsibility, the same excitement as playing Bach's Chaconne."-
Yehudi Menuhin

Frank Martin wrote a considerable amount of piano music, a couple of piano concertos and chamber music with piano. His most played piano pieces are his wonderful "8 Preludes", written in 1947/48. They were written for pianist Dinu Lipatti. Unfortunately, he died before being able to perform them.

Enjoy the following PIANOVERSAL listenig tips!

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