Anders Eliasson

*2.04.1947, Borlänge - 20.05.2013, Stockholm

„Substance, form, shape: all must form a single unified whole! If you try to divide them, you’re done for.”

"All the activities are always related to the same basis, the underlying harmonic flow. If you walk out in the noonday sun, you can see many things of all shapes and sizes everywhere, but they all relate to the sun. Because the sun is shining. It’s the same sort of connection when we talk about music. About the many occurrences and activities within a minimum of time.“
Anders Eliasson (interview with Christoph Schlüren, 1996)

In his music Anders Eliasson found his own, personal "alphabet", as he called it himself. Eliasson's music is shaped by a continuous coherence and a constant inner connection. He composed several pieces for piano, starting with the very expressive "Versione" in 1973, his "Disegno" cycle (1984-2005) being in the center of his output for piano and harpsichord. One of Eliasson's last compositions was his playful "Doppio Concerto" for violin, piano & orchestra (2005).

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 PIANOVERSAL listening tips: Anders Eliasson

“You’re talking about ideas, inspirations. I don’t know where they come from. They simply crop up in my mind. I can’t relate them to any point of origin. I can’t even say that I willed them into existence. They enter my mind, and I use them.“

“But very soon we stopped doing all these things, and I tried to understand what was beneath the letters of my alphabet. It’s very simple, and I’m still trying to find out what it is. The interesting thing about it is that it’s absolutely limitless, yet it’s based on a strict limitation. Only when you enter it and try to exploit it does it become limitless. It’s a paradox. That’s why I think it’s extremely interesting to go beneath the skin of the music.“

Anders Eliasson (interview with Christoph Schlüren, 1996)
sources: Website of the International Anders Eliasson Soiciety


Concerto doppio per violino, pianoforte ed orchestra (2005)
Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Ulf Wallin - violin, Roland Pöntinen - piano, Johannes Gustavsson - conductor

Disegno No. 1 (1984)
Mats Widlund - piano; Piano Festival Trelleborg 2009, Sweden

Versione (1973)
Beth Levin - Piano

Suolo for piano (1983)
Andreas Skouras - piano
This is a part of the "Complete works for piano and harpsichord" with Andreas Skouras - piano:

Horn Trio (1996)
I. Allegro
Sören Hermansson - horn, Nils-Erik Sparf - violin, Arne Torger - piano
The whole Horn Trio (4 mouvements):

Further information about Anders Eliasson can be found on the official website of the "International Anders Eliasson Society":
International Anders Eliasson Society





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