New album out now! Jean-Jacques Dünki - POUR LE CLAVIER

Jean-Jacques Dünki - piano, fortepiano, clavichord
All compositions by Jean-Jacques Dünki

The new PIANOVERSAL-Album "Jean-Jacques Dünki - POUR LE CLAVIER" is out now and available in our PIANOVERSAL-Shop digitally and as a CD.
The album is released on all major streaming and download services worldwide. Here are the streaming links!

Les cinq sens; Hommages à L.C. I-IV
autour du 6ème sens/le 6ème sens

Trois fragments du “retour de Cythère”
Kammerstück III auf den Namen Robert Schumann
Cinq études pour le clavier

Cinq études pour le clavicorde

The instruments:
Steinway – Hamburg 2017
Fortepiano John Broadwood – London 1802
Clavichord Thomas F. Steiner – Basel 2006 (after Friederici – Gera 1773)

For decades the composer and pianist Jean-Jacques Dunki (*1948) has established himself as an important voice among contemporary musicians in Switzerland. He enjoys an international reputation as a soloist, chamber musician, piano teacher and researcher. The album "pour le clavier" presents a retrospective overview of his compositions for keyboard instruments. Jean-Jacques Dünki recorded his music for PIANOVERSAL on three different instruments: the modern grand piano (Steinway D, Hamburg 2017), a historical fortepiano (Broadwood, London 1802) and clavichord (Thomas F Steiner, Basel 2006; after Friederici, Gera 1773). "Pour le clavier" gives an insight into Jean-Jacques Dunkki's creativity and diversity as a composer and performer and into his lifelong involvement with the piano and its historical predecessors.

Album info: Jean-Jacques Dünki - POUR LE CLAVIER

Artist info: Jean-Jacques Dünki



Dunki 2
Jean-Jacques Dünki - composer & pianist


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