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Music manuscript details (front page)
Fryderyk Chopin: Berceuse Op. 57, detail of the original manuscript; source:
Rafaele d’Alessandro: Sonate pour flûte et piano, Association Raffaele d'Alessandro,
Leoš Janáček: In the Mists, I. Andante; detail of the second manuscript copy, courtesy of the Janáček Archive, Department of the History of Music, Moravian Museum, Brno
Tomas Dratva: Klavierfuge, original manuscript, private property
Franz Liszt: La chapelle de Guillaume Tell, detail of the original manuscript; source: Russian National Library, St. Petersburg
Franz Liszt: Vallée d’Oberman, detail of the original manuscript; source: Russian National Library, St. Petersburg
János Tamás: Variation über die Notation 1 von Pierre Boulez, detail of the original manuscript; source: private property
Vladimír Godár: Emmeleia, version for piano trio, detail of the original manuscript; source: private property

Tomas Dratva by Julia Ziefer
Vincent Ho: Hans Arnold
Charlotte Bray:
Anna Applebay:
Stacy Garrop:
Kit Powell:
Ursula Mamlok by Simon Pauly, courtesy Dwight and Ursula Mamlok Stiftung
Felix Huber by Markus Meier:
Alf Hurum:
Jörg Wiedmann:
Georgoa Spiropoulos by Irini Zevgoli;
Francis Poulenc (1):, added by Bobb Edwards
Francis Poulenc (2):
Kaprálová (1):
Kaprálová (2): Twitter account Kaprálová Society (
Killmayer: Stefan Forster, courtesy Schott, Music GmbH, Mainz
Firsova (2):
Lutyens (1):
Lutyens: courtesy Schott Music GmbH
George Antheil:
Ervín (Erwin) Schulhoff: courtesy Schott Music GmbH
Tailleferre (2):
Martin (2): courtesy Frank Martin Society, Naarden,
Franghis Ali-Zadeh:
Pavel Haas (1):
Pavel Haas (2):
Esther Flückiger (1): Markus Suter; courtesy Esther Fkückiger;
Esther Flückiger (2): Markus Suter; courtesy Esther Flückiger;
Mompou (2,3 & two manuscript pages): courtesy Fundació Mompou (Barcelona);
Bloch (1):
Bloch (2):
Chin: Reprinted by kind permission of Boosey & Hawkes
Ohana: (source)
Roussel (1&2):
Saariaho: photographer: Christophe Abramowitz, via
Dünki (1&2): courtesy of the artist
Shchedrin: courtesy Schott Music GmbH
Say: courtesy Schott Music GmbH
Srnka (1&2): by Vojtěch Havlík; courtesy Miroslav Srnka
Eliasson: Josef Doukkali, courtesy Gehrmans Musikförlag AB, Stockholm
Ustvolskaya: (1) und (2)
Berio: (1), (2)
Esther Flückiger/Verso Nikà: Vincenzo Crupi, Nicola Ferrari, courtesy Esther Flückiger
Beat Furrer (1&2): Dimitri Papageorgiou, C. David, source:
Jessica Rudman: Linda Rankin, courtesy Jessica Rudman
Thomas Wally: Maria Frodl, source: courtesy Thomas Wally
Esther Flückiger (proggietto Verso Nikà): Vincenzo Crupi, Nicola Ferrari, Salvatore Pisani
Henri Dutilleux (1):
Henri Dutilleux (2):
Räisänen: Tomoko/Troy Edition, courtesy Tomi Räisänen
Mazzoni: courtesy of the artist
Němeček: courtesy of the artist
Van Hellemont: courtesy of the artist
Trio Flair: courtesy of the artists
Rose-Marie Soncini: courtesy of the artist

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