Luciano Berio

*24.10.1925 Oneglia - 27.05.2003 Roma

"The truth, we cannot speak about, we must sing, we must say it in music. And with this I bid you farewell."

"Our relation to music must remain open, in a way. This is the privilege of music, not to let itself be formalized, to be locked in a certain procedure, in a certain way."

Luciano Berio

For Luciano Berio, music is an idea that can be physically experienced. His view of music is uncompromisingly aimed at the future. Berio's most important piano works include the late Piano Sonata (2001), the frequently played 6 Encores (1965-1990), the Sequenza IV (1966), the Concerto II for Piano & Orchestra "Echoing Curves" (1988-89) and the Concerto for 2 Pianos & Orchestra (1973).

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"I'm interested in music that mimes and, in a certain sense, describes that prodigious phenomenon which lies at the heart of language: sound becoming sense. 
Luciane Berio


Sonata for pianforte (2001)
Benjamin Kobler - piano

Sequenza IV for piano (1966)
Florent Boffard - piano

Six Encores for piano
Andrea Lucchesini - piano

Concerto per due pianoforti e orchestra (1972/1973)
GrauSchuhmacher Piano Duo - pianos
Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, Bertrand de Billy - dir.;
Live - Wien Konzerthaus, 2. November 2007

A preliminary study for the Concerto for two pianos and orchestra is the composition "Memory" (1972), which is dedicated to the pianist Peter Serkin. "Memory" exists in three versions: piano & electronic piano, 2 pianos, 2 pianos & orchestra (the third versions is identical with the beginning of the Concerto for 2 pianos and orchestra)

Memory (1972)  - version for electronic piano and electronic harpsichord
Aldo Orvieto - electric piano, Fausto Bongellli - electric harpsichord

Concerto II (Echoing Curves) per pianoforte a due gruppi strumentali (1988-1989)
London Symphony Orchestra, Luciano Berio - Dir., Andrea Lucchesini - Klavier

Due pezzi per violino e pianoforte (1951)
Romuald Tecco - Violine, Dennis Russell Davies - Klavier

An exciting contemporary document is Luciano Berio's interview with Glenn Glasow from 1962, to be heard in full length (50') here:

A lot of further information about Luciano Berio can be found in the Centro Studi Luciano Berio:

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