Federico Mompou

16 April 1893 Barcelona – 30 June 1987 Barcelona

"In reality, my music is the least "composed" music in the world. Ideas usually come to me when I'm distracted, much more often than when I concentrate."

"I live in the solitude of the great cities. I need the city".
Federico Mompou

The pianist and composer Federico Mompou wrote a great and unique oeuvre for piano. He himself described the 4 volumes of his "Música Callada" (1959-1967) as the work that most clearly corresponds to his musical ideas.


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 PIANOVERSAL listening tips: Federico Mompou

Mompou was en extraordinary pianist. Hi recorded his entire oeuvre for piano.

MÚSICA CALLADA (1959-1967)

Federico Mompou - Klavier

Mompou's manuscript of the Música Callada No.6 !
-courtesy Fundació Mompou (Barcelona) - www.fundaciomompou.cat

Musica Callada VI 1 large

 Musica Callada VI 2 large


Mompou plays Mompou & interview with Joaquín Soler Serran
A spanish TV production (Spanish language / no subtitles)

Federico Mompou plays Mompou
Cançons i danses No. 1-2-3 (1921-1928)

Canción 6 (1962)
Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli plays Mompou - live recording 1957

Damunt de tu nomes les flors
Montserrat CABALLÉ - soprano
Miguel Zanetti - piano


A lot of information about Mompou can be found at the Frederic Mompou Private Foundation: Fundacio_Mompou


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Federico Mompou: composer of the week No. 17 / April 2018

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