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In 2019 PIANOVERSAL dedicates two albums to the Swiss composer, pianist and improviser Esther Flückiger, who lives in Milan. In "Verso Nikà" for piano, electronics, sound sculptures and shell horn, Flückiger explores the theme of migration. "Verso Nikà" was created for the project with the same name by Esther Flückiger with the artists Karin Eggers and Susana Talayero for performances in the summer of 2018 on the island of Pantelleria in the Sicilian Sea.


Flückiger's music is a journey of sound that reflects the current tragic reality of migration between two continents in many dimensions. Some built-in texts by Toni Maraini form the analytical antithesis to the sounds. Electronic music in a subtle mix with the intimate sound of the piano symbolically illustrate the complex connection between the outside and inside world of migrating people in need. This is entirely in keeping with the artist's main intention:

“The flow of refugees in recent years has been forcing us to observe what is happening around us and show it to others. By all means we must highlight events, that are forgotten all too easily in everyday life. With this performance we want to keep the interest in the life stories of these people alive.”

Esther Flückiger has always stood for gripping and sonorous style wanderings between Classical & Contemporary Music, Jazz & Groove and Ethno. Unconventional sounds and experiments are a distinctive feature of her music. Her subtle use of self-created electronic sounds in interaction with her piano music makes Esther Flückiger a unique artist in the field of electronic music. With "Verso Nikà" she also sets an important social exclamation mark.


In autumn 2019, PIANOVERSAL will publish a portrait album with chamber music by Esther Flückiger.

2. Esther KS

"Esther's music is like an emotional journey in a dazzling landscape." Giovanna Barbati

"Esther is a stream of energy, intuition and creativity. She captures every musical input, works it out and directs it further with her originality. She is an ideal companion on musical journeys: there is never any monotony with her". Massimo Mazzoni


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