Vincent Ho, Anna Appleby, Charlotte Bray, Kit Powell, Stacy Garrop

Discover five exciting personalities of three generations with very different compositional styles, newly added to the PIANOVERSALRegister:

Vincent Ho (b.1975)
Anna Appleby (b.1993)
Kit Powell (b.1937)
Charlotte Bray (b.1982)
Stacy Garrop (b.1969)


VincentHo Kopiesmall

Vincent Ho

born 1975, Ottawa, https://vinceho.com

PIANOVERSAL listening tips:

Kickin’ it for piano and drum kit (2016)

Gryphon Realms for piano trio (2015): III. War Dance

more: https://soundcloud.com/vince-ho



Anna Appleby

Anna Appleby

born 1993, Newcastle Upon Tyne,  www.annaappleby.com

PIANOVERSAL listening tips:

‘In the Beginning was the Word’‘ (piano solo)

"The Impossible Piano" I-VI (work in progress) (a series of unplayable piano solos)

more: https://soundcloud.com/annotations



Charlotte Bray

born 1982, Wycombe, www.charlottebray.co.uk

PIANOVERSAL listening tips:

Oineroi (2013, piano solo)

Fire Burning in Snow for mezzo soprano and ensemble (no piano) (2013)

more: https://soundcloud.com/charlottebray



Kit Powell 3

Kit Powell

born 1937, Wellington, http://www.kitpowell.ch

PIANOVERSAL listening tips:

Kapiti (Piano solo) 2005

"Verschiedene Tiere" for Soprano, Trombone and piano (1997)

more: http://www.kitpowell.ch


Stacy Garrop Headshot 2smaller

Stacy Garrop

born 1969, Columbus, www.garrop.com

PIANOVERSAL listening tips:

Keyboard oft he Winds (2015) piano solo

more: www.garrop.com


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