Words become music with the sounds of the surrounding nature: an immense communication between thought and freedom, a journey that reflects the tragic situation of migration between the two continents.

PIANOVERSAL is pleased to announce that our next production will be dedicated to this magnificent work of art by Esther Flückiger. All the VERSO NIKÀ music was recorded in the studio for PIANOVERSAL by Esther Flückiger (piano, electronics, sound sculptures, seashell horn). The album will be released in June 2019. Watch the documentary film about the project in Pantelleria (in Italian language) and find more information by continuing reading.

"I'm interested in music that mimes and, in a certain sense, describes that prodigious phenomenon that lies at the heart of language: sound becoming sense."
Luciano Berio

For Luciano Berio, music is an idea that can be physically experienced. His view of music is always uncompromisingly aimed at the future. Berio's most important piano works include the late Piano Sonata (2001), the frequently played 6 Encores (1965-1990), the Sequenza IV (1966), the Concerto II for Piano & Orchestra "Echoing Curves" (1988-89) and the Concerto for 2 Pianos & Orchestra (1973).

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„Substance, form, shape: all must form a single unified whole! If you try to divide them, you’re done for.”

In his music Anders Eliasson (1947-2013) found his own, personal "alphabet", as he called it himself. Eliasson's music is shaped by a continuous coherence and a constant inner connection. He composed several pieces for piano, starting with the very expressive "Versione" in 1973, his "Disegno" cycle (1984-2005) being in the center of his output for piano and harpsichord. One of Eliasson's last compositions was his playful "Doppio Concerto" for violin, piano & orchestra (2005).

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