Mojca Vedernjak - mezzo-soprano & Stefka Perifanova - piano
Songs by Fanny Hensel, Clara Schumann, Pauline Viardot, Luise Greger, Dora Pejačević, Alma Mahler

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INTOXICATION is dedicated to songs by 6 women composers. The duo Mojca Vedernjak, mezzo-soprano and Stefka Perifanova, piano have recorded songs by Fanny Hensel, Clara Schumann, Pauline Viardot, Luise Greger, Dora Pejačević and Alma Mahler for the upcoming PIANOVERSAL album. The production will be released in June. Further information will follow soon.

In 2019, PIANOVERSAL releases the second album with music by Esther Flückiger, celebrating the 60th birthday of the Swiss artist who lives in Milan. In "LUMINESCENCE" Esther Flückiger and her musician friends take us on a journey through sound and space - a musical adventure track by track.

ESTHER FLÜCKIGER belongs to the uncompromising musicians of the contemporary music scene in Europe. She fires the creative fields of tension between tradition and avant-garde with gripping style wanderings between Classical & Contemporary Music, Ethno, Electronics and Jazz & Groove. For decades the Swiss artist, who lives in Milan, has been performing worldwide as a composer, pianist and improviser.

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