PIANOVERSALRegister is online!

PIANOVERSALRegister is online!
Discover the unique piano music data base and share your knowledge with the piano community!

PIANOVERSALRegister lists piano compositions from 1880 to the present day, and is committed to the artistic work of all composers worldwide. You will find piano compositions in the following categories: Piano Solo, Piano Concerto, Piano Duet / Several Pianos, Piano Trio (pf, vl, vc), Chamber Music with Piano (all instruments), Voice with Piano, Other Keyboard Instruments, Without Category. Discover the variety of piano music! PIANOVERSALRegister is both a contemporary and a historical knowledge bank. Each composition is linked to its year of origin. All entries about composers are documented with references and an indication of the sources used. In addition, you will find specific information on many compositions (movements or different parts of a composition, duration, exact period of origin, further information on the composing process, first performance, information on subsequent revisions or different versions, dedications, et al.)

Data can be searched by entering the composer's names or the year of origin.

You want to share your knowledge? It's quite simple!
PIANOVERSAL is permanently working on the expansion and broadening of the PIANOVERSALRegister's piano music data base. Become a part of it! Start adding compositions after a quick registration process. New entries will appear online immediately! PIANOVERSAL invites all people interested in piano music to share their knowledge. We are particularly keen to keep up to date with new, contemporary piano compositions.

Here you will find the PIANOVERSALRegister. We wish you many interesting findings and a lot of pleasure and excitement browsing in the PIANOVERSALRegister!

Here you will find all additional information and publishing criteria about the PIANOVERSALRegister.

PIANOVERSAL thanks you for visiting and the world's piano community thanks you for sharing your knowledge.



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